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3 Best Wood Carving Knives On The Market
So you want to learn more about wood carving?  Well then, the first thing you will need are some good sharp wood carving knives right?. But how can you know which one to choose in the vast world of carving knives on the market today? Then look no further because here you’ll find the three absolute best wood carving knives on the market that give you the best bang for your buck!  (In My Opinion that Is!)
I make all my carvings with these 3 wood carving knives only like the wood spirit to the right.


There are a lot of wood carving knives out there that frankly don’t cut the mustard (pun intended) for the money you spend. They give you nothing but crappy, unimpressive and often extremely poor steel or they are very pretty but not any better cutting than the ones I'm about to share with you now.

. But the three knives that you’ll find below are the complete opposite. They are absolutely of the highest quality for the money and will perform flawlessly for you without breaking your piggy bank.

1) The Flexcut Detail Knife 
Your flexcut detail knife will come quite sharp right out of the package. Like all the other Flexcut tools, it has a really comfortable handle to use for hours on end. The narrow blade really lets you get into tight corners and angles well. Flexcut detail knives are made from a very hard spring steel, and once sharpened (again they arrive that way) generally need only regular stropping to keep a razor sharp edge. Flexcut makes a very good stropping/polishing compound also to go with your knife and can be purchased by itself, with a flexcut knife, or in one of their great carving packages. So my thoughts on the Flexcut detail knife. You won't find a better wood carving knife on the market for under twenty dollars.

Flexcut Detail Knife

2) The Flexcut Roughing Knife
This is a great (sharp) wood carving knife for the money. I use the flexcut roughing knife to rough out my basswood carvings. I like the longer and slightly thicker blade because it helps me remove material quickly (without too much flex) and allows for plenty of reach across the piece., The blade holds a great edge and sharpens up easily when you strop it. The roughing knife is lightweight with a comfortable ash handle.This is a great carving knife for the price and is great for removing lots of material. Has a great sturdiness to it and is a fantastic whittling knife.
If you're looking for an all around type of carving knife I'd look for something a little smaller. But for roughing out you can't beat the flexcut roughing knife. And honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with any of Flexcut's products so get yourself a few..

3) The Flexcut Mini Detail Knife

This knife gives me the control to smooth out details and correct what I view as mistakes. It is extremely sharp. It gets in those places you just can't seem to get a bigger knife in. For such a tiny knife the flexcut mini detail knife is king! Razor sharp and super light in your hand this mini detail knife is one of my favorites for delicate work. This knife feels like a baby knife in your hand that's the only way I can explain it. Once you have a flexcut mini detail knife you will never want to carve without one on the bench again. A favorite among beginner carvers and experienced alike. Pick one up and you'll never complain about those tight spots you can't get in again.

Flexcut Mini Detail Knife

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Another great set of Flexcut smaller detail knives for those tight spots. Is the FLEXCUT Detail Knife Set, with Mini-Pelican Knife, Mini-Chip Carving Knife, and Mini-Detail Knife (KN400) pictured below. Click the pic below to buy.