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How to Carve  An Awesome Pine Knot Wood Spirit. Woodcarving a big Pine Knot is one of my favorite things to do. They are so whimsical and have the best way of showing off your wood spirit in the most natural looking way.  Each carving is unique but you will need to learn to carve with power for best results. It will also make carving faces in them easier plus keep you from damaging your hand carving tools.

Pine Knot video 1    Removing the Hard Surface

Video 2 Drawing Your Wood Spirit

Video 3  Starting the Wood Spirits Eyes and Nose

Video 4   Starting the Hair and Cheeks on Your Carving.

Video 5  Cutting Out the Mustache

Video 6 Cutting in the Bottom Lip

Video 7 Separating the Eyebrows

Video 8 Lowering Below the Mouth is Important.

Video 9 Use Any Tools You Have to Remove Wood Below the Mouth.